We teach German with joy and passion


DaF – lecturer, medical graduate

Frank Heilgeist

I am an open-minded, energetic and interested person. I studied music in Weimar and medicine in Berlin. I am passionate about all areas of life that reflect human expression. Language is one of them. I have been passing on my knowledge for more than twenty years now and enjoy my job every day.

I love traveling, foreign cultures and their languages as well as breathtaking landscapes, which I prefer to explore by motorcycle.

My motto
Get rid of ignorance!

My favorite author
Thomas Mann

My favorite instrument
Piano, especially when I’m allowed to play Bach

My favorite sports
Swimming, cycling and climbing 


DaF – lecturer and licensed Telc. Tester
Fabian Löbbert

I am a very dynamic, open-minded person who is interested in different cultures and who loves to travel. My travels have shown me how important it is to master the language of the host country. I started teaching German in 2013, during my four year stay in Seoul, Korea.

My favorite languages
German and Korean

This is what I like doing most
Exchange with people

My motto
Stay as authentic as possible

My favorite author
Heinrich von Kleist

My favorite restaurant
My home-cooked meals 😊


1 | Personal

Our small sized courses enable us to deal with your questions directly to monitor your learning process individually and in this way guarantee optimal success.

2 | Experienced

Our teachers dispose of long term experience as well in teaching German as a foreign language as in preparing students for the FSP.

3 | Worth the money

Most of our students pass the FSP successfully, so we can proudly claim that we are worth your investment.

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